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Diagnostic of HR capital effectiveness and alignment


HR diagnostic


  • Start-up
  • Headcount < 100


  • Organisational and communication challenges in a fast growing company


  • To give all employees the opportunity to express themselves and make improvement proposals
  • Separate opinions from facts
  • Identify the reasons behind situations
  • Encourage employees to make proposals and confront views


2 months


  • Design of an employees’ interview guide
  • Coaching of team leaders to collect all employees’ feed-back
  • Semi-structured interviews with employees to cover all business activities
  • Extensive review of organisation charts, job descriptions, internal procedures, internal notes, and their alignment with business goals
  • Data analysis


Production of a comprehensive report including recommendations and covering the following aspects:

  • Organisation of working teams
  • Communication (ascending/ descending)
  • Delegation
  • Reporting
  • Planning
  • Vision
  • Interactions between working teams
  • Newcomers’ induction
  • Psychosocial risks

Debrief sessions with each department manager and with the Board