Employer branding

Employer branding can really make the difference

What’s the employer brand?

An employer brand is what employees, current and potential future job candidates think about you as an employer. It’s a key component of successful Talent acquisition, employees’ engagement and retention.

What makes an employer brand?

What makes an employer brand is essentially:

  • Your company’s identity: its mission, values and culture
  • Your reputation as an employer: the candidates’ experience, what former employees and current employees say about the company
  • Your internal brand as an employer, which includes the compensation & benefits plan, the HR policy and management style and practices

Why is Employer branding important?

A good employer brand can reduce your turnover rate, increase employees’ engagement and facilitate talent acquisition. In other words, it is critical to your business.

How to get started with employer branding?

Make sure that your employer brand is aligned with your business strategy, and reflects your HR practices: to be effective it has to match what you are and what you want.

Focus on your employees: as they are your first ambassadors, giving them the right environment to succeed is essential to build a strong employer brand. Employer branding requires a structured approach which includes auditing your current situation, and implementing a joint HR and digital marketing plan.

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