HR Performance

We facilitate business transformation with the implementation of the relevant HR strategy, organization, policies and procedures. We ensure HR autonomy and performance with effective skills transfer.

HR Organisation and performance :

An efficient HR organisation requires:
  • An HR strategy and subsequent HR activities aligned with business goals
  • A cost-effective HR organisation able to meet HR customers’ expectations
  • Optimised HR processes

Our assistance includes:

  • Mapping the existing organisation, processes and activities
  • Setting issue-based priorities
  • Identify relevant saving levers such as processing, digitizing, outsourcing…
  • Defining the target organisation and related processes and roles 
  • Defining, planning and implementing the new organisation
  • According to needs:
    • Selecting outsourcing providers and assisting with implementation
    • Selecting and training HR staff
  • Supporting change (communication plan and actions)
  • Defining relevant performance HR indicators 
Poor human resources management will have a negative impact on the quality of recruitments, staff motivation and retention, and more globally on business growth. Contact us to boost your HR performance.

Implementation of HR strategy and policies

A Human Resource strategy is a business’s overall plan for managing human capital and align it with business activities and growth plans. This implies HR working together with board members but also getting input from social partners.

Efficient HR policies are guided by key principles:

  • They should be seen as the operational arm of HR strategy
  • They result from a collaborative work between HR professionals and managers
  • They’re aligned with business culture and values
  • They’re compliant, clear and inclusive
  • They impact positively staff motivation and engagement
  • They’re supported by staff representatives
  • They contribute to people’s development and business performance
  • Their impact is measurable
  • They are made available and explained

We have the experience and knowledge to assist you in developing an HR strategy capable of supporting your growth and efficient HR policies.
In addition to providing expert advice, we will also assist you in doing the work.

You need to get things done simpler, faster, smarter?