HR diagnostics

HR diagnostics help companies achieving compliance, securing HR practices and improving global HR performance.
Our investigation approach covers much more than the regulatory field of HR audits.

From the information obtained about the organization, we identify the reasons behind situations and offer solutions aimed at securing your practices, increasing operational performance and developing your autonomy in human resources management.

Types of HR diagnostics services:

HR Compliance Diagnostic

We conduct an on-site collaborative diagnostic review of the HR function focusing on legal and regulatory compliance (with the applicable CBA, labour code requirements and collective agreements) and identify potential legal, social and fiscal risks.

The review covers:

  • Employer obligations
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Workplace relations
  • Social & economic data
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Recruitment and hiring
  • Vocational training and professional interviews
  • Contractual conditions and working contracts

Diagnostic of HR operational efficiency

We examine the current overall efficiency in performing all tasks associated with Human Resources, and determine the net effectiveness of the function as currently constituted. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the HR function is effective and aligned with business orientations.

The review covers:

  • The alignment with business goals of:
    • Company purpose, mission and values
    • The organisation chart
    • HR policies, processes and practices
  • The articulation of the three major annual consultations with HR policies and collective agreements
  • The objectives and expected results of collective agreements
  • The HR function organisation, roles, responsibilities, delegations and skills

Diagnostic of HR capital effectiveness and alignment

Dedicated to SMEs, this diagnostic addresses work organisation issues as well as the need to adopt new work processes following a significant change. The review covers all aspects of work organisation:
  • Company culture, missions and strategy
  • Management methods and key people
  • Employees’ roles, missions, responsibilities and delegations, and how they articulate together
  • Functional and direct lines
  • Workflows and relationships between work units
  • Communication channels
  • Skills, information, resources’ needs and available means
Project scope & needs analysis
Building the evaluation framework
Data collection and analysis
Recommendations and HR plan
Debrief session
In addition to the diagnostic itself, we can also assist you in implementing our recommendations.

We are HR experts focused on your business growth and experienced in HR diagnostics.
Our operational and collaborative approach will provide the foundation and HR autonomy you need to move your business forward.

We have a strong understanding of issues faced by SMEs and French subsidiaries of foreign companies.