Labour relations services

With the support of our legal assistance hotline, our approach focuses on long-term constructive labour relations, aligned by business’ strategy.

Labour relations consultancy

We believe that labour relations can become a business driver and for this reason, we assist our clients in building or restoring constructive labour relations, aligned with business goals. Our assistance includes:
operating rules of the CSE, meeting your CSE consultation obligations
in companies of 50 employees and more, the CSE has to be consulted about the company’s strategic orientations, its economic and financial position and its social policy, as well as working conditions and employment.
all companies with at least 50 employees must implement a BDES, which includes all social and financial data to be provided to staff representatives on a regular basis as well as when conducting the CSE’s annual consultations.
social agenda, meetings invitations, how to prepare and conduct meetings …
risks evaluation and reports

Business transfer or acquisition - TUPE

HR is key to successful transfers and acquisitions. One of the biggest reasons for failure is something that is most simply overlook: human capital.
We offer high-value HR support to foreign companies acquiring French subsidiaries.

Our assistance includes:

we conduct an assessment of HR aspects that affect price: employment and other agreements, collective conditions, compensation and benefits, cultural barriers, social risks, human capital, retention and termination packages…

we prepare the information & consultation agendas and meetings, and advise you on how to conduct these meetings
we build employee surveys, HR action plans and communication plans and assist managers in implementing change
we directly plan, implement and monitor the transfer of HR processes and activities, working contracts, social security and pension schemes, HR related service contracts, payroll…

development of a substitute agreement and of new collective agreements

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information: we have the experience and skills to assist foreign companies acquiring French subsidiaries. We work closely with our clients to deliver high quality services.

Collective agreements

French companies can negotiate collective agreements irrespective of their size and of the presence of a CSE.

We draw up and assist companies with the negotiation of all types of collective agreements: working time, telework, work-life balance, classification, professional equality, pension or social cover schemes, collective agreement on the social database (BDES), collective performance agreement, mutual termination agreement, agreement on forward-looking management of jobs and skills (GPEC)…

We assist at any stage, according to needs:

  • Advice on the relevant negotiating modalities
  • Planning negotiations, drawing-up agendas, managing invitations to negotiate
  • Development and negotiation of a method agreement
  • Organising and leading working groups
  • Drawing-up agreements
  • Organisation of the consultation of the relevant bodies
  • Organisation of a direct referendum of employees when required
  • Registration of collective agreements
  • Implementation of collective agreements

Contact us: we draw on our solid experience, supported by our legal services provider, SVP, to develop effective and compliant collective agreements.

Collective dismissals

We assist companies at any or all steps of a collective dismissal process. This includes:

to ensure the continuity of operations

The CSE must be informed about the economic grounds for the decision, the details of the dismissal plan as well as its consequences on headcounts and on employees’ working conditions
planning, definition of selection criteria and measures to limit the impact of the planned redundancies, organisation and preparation of information and consultation meetings, relationships with the French administration
provision of HR assistance to managers during the process, as well as in establishing the new working organisation
assistance and advice to maintain a constructive social dialogue before, during and after the plan
You can rely on our operational experience in managing collective dismissals. We will be partnering with your internal and external stakeholders to ensure clear communication and continuity of operations. When needed, we will obtain real-time legal advice from our legal services provider, SVP, at no extra cost.

The social and economic database (BDES)

All companies with at least 50 employees must implement a BDES, which includes all social and financial data to be provided to staff representatives on a regular basis as well as when conducting the CSE’s annual consultations.
Implementing the BDES requires a strong knowledge of legal requirements as well as time and resources.
Employers that do not meet their obligations are subject to a financial penalty but also risk hindering a consultation process.

Because we believe that the BDES can help developing a constructive social dialogue and facilitate strategic decision making, we have developed an assistance package to guide companies through the process of implementation of a compliant database.

We’ve also chosen to develop a partnership with the BDES software provider who offers the most complete, regulatory and scalable BDES solution : BDES-PLUS ®.
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