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Interim Head of HR

When do you need an interim HR manager?

Interim managers are ready to step in at any time when your company is facing an urgent situation or needs to address immediately a strategic issue:

Bridging a gap: to cover an unexpected leave or while waiting for a permanent HR professional to start

Going through change: to manage a reorganisation or a transformation project

Supporting growth

Crisis management

Improving business performance

Examples of recent missions

employee retention and the business’ international growth, with the implementation of a global and attractive compensation and benefits policy.
of a French business and setting-up the HR function.

including the conclusion of substitute collective agreements.

while preserving social peace and ensuring business continuity.
and setting up the HR function.
and streamlining the HR function.

Added value of interim HR management

Interim managers are operational experts used to deal with complex situations, in contexts of crisis or change. They come from the Corporate world and have an extensive experience from many different industries.

They’re able to step in immediately, quickly adapt to a new environment, assess the situation, make changes and solve problems rapidly.

Because they’re not concerned with career issues, they provide the organisation with an objective and impartial viewpoint and their positive attitude fosters in-house teams’ engagement.

They will keep operations running until the company is able to select the permanent fit, and participate actively to the selection and induction of the new hire.

Our added value

01The right match

We’ll work with you to understand your business and meet your needs with the right set of skills.
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02A strong network

Building strong relationships with our HR community, we will make available within short delays the most suitable and experienced interim HR manager, operational and over experienced.
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03A specific knowledge

You will benefit from our experience and strong understanding of issues faced by start-ups, SMEs and French subsidiaries of foreign companies.
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