• Getting to know your business, goals, environment and culture
  • Act as advisors throughout the whole process
  • Work together on the terms and timeline
  • Work with you on the clarification of needs and job profiles
  • Undertake targeted reference checks
  • Keep in touch with you and the selected applicant during the trial period
  • Offer a replacement guarantee which covers the trial period
  • Activate our HR professional networks to identify the best HR candidates


  • Follow-up with you during the whole selection process
  • Provide you with a transparent and constructive feedback
  • Closely follow-up your induction
  • Encourage our clients to think outside the box and make diversity and inclusion a key part of their hiring experience
  • Invite HR applicants to join our HR community

Social and Solidarity Economy

We have chosen to support the Social and Solidarity Economy sector with a dedicated recruitment offer: contact us for more information.

Diversity and equal employment opportunity

We are an EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) recruitment firm, have received relevant EEO training and are committed to promote diversity and inclusion, apply non-discrimination and equal treatment principles when recruiting, and raise our clients’ awareness.
We signed the diversity charter.
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