What is outplacement?

Outplacement is an individual or collective service that helps employees who are impacted by a layoff or reduction in workforce, navigate their transition to a new role outside of the original company.

An outplacement can be negotiated alongside severance during a dismissal or redundancy process.

Business values of outplacement for the employer

  • Offering an outplacement with a severance package reduces conflictual situations and potential lawsuit claims
  • Caring for transitioning staff preserves your company’s reputation
  • In France, it’s a legal obligation in the case of collective redundancies of more than 10 employees

Value to employees

Outplacement effectively helps employees bridging the gap between unemployment and a new job. Through outplacement services, employees will get:

  • An assessment of their capabilities, strengths and drivers
  • Empowerment for career development
  • Support to develop a structured career campaign strategy
  • Access to job search material and support
  • Increased chances getting on their feet faster


An outplacement will generally take 6 to 12 months and includes a follow-up session after the first months of employment, to make sure that everything goes well.


  • Assessment and self-reflection on personal and professional experience
  • Find the best fit: identify your next role and growth employment sectors, and build your professional project
  • Build your job search or business creation strategy
  • Access to collective workshops, in the case of a collective redundancy
  • Job search training, advice on business setup strategy
  • Support in the negotiation of a new contract of employment
  • Follow-up within 6 months of taking-up a new position or setting-up the business


In all situations, outplacement costs are supported by the employer. The potential business impact and costs associated with not offering outplacement services underscore the business value of supporting departing employees.

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