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Compliance: Professional interviews

What’s a « professional interview »?

The professional interview should be held in order to assess employees’ development opportunities, in terms of career development, qualification and training.

The professional interview is different from the annual appraisal. Its purpose is employee’s career development, whereas the annual appraisal focuses on performance.

Does it apply to your company ?

This new requirement applies to all companies, irrespective of their size and headcount.

How regularly ?

It should be held every 2 years, as well as when an employee returns from maternity and adoption leave, carer’s leave (before and after), parental leave, more than 6 months’ sick leave and sabbatical leave. 

It should also be held further to a union mandate, a temporary part-time to raise a child and a secured voluntary geographical mobility.

Is there a deadline for the first professional interview ?

Employees present in your company when the law was implemented (i.e. before 07 March 2014) should have had their first interview prior to 07 march 2016.

Must the Works’ Council be consulted before the implementation of the interviews?

In companies of 50 employees or more, the Works Council must be consulted on the implementation arrangements, before the implementation.

Is there an information obligation?

The only legal obligation is to inform newcomers. However, information to all staff is highly recommended before launching this new process.

Who should conduct the interview ?

The interview can be conducted by any company representative. 

However, we strongly recommend that first line managers carry out this responsibility.

Professional interviews are an opportunity to invite your Managers to refocus on their core responsibilities and assist their teams with their skills development and career progression.

Should managers be trained to conducting this interview ?

Although this is not a legal requirement, this is highly recommended.

To make these interviews successful, Managers must be able to understand the stakes, be aware of existing vocational training arrangements, and know how to conduct an interview.

In addition, they must be aware of the business strategy of how it may impact on changes in jobs and skills, and consequently on their teams development.

What happens if you’re not compliant ?

Every six years, at the time of professional interviews, all companies will be required to take stock of their employee’s career paths.

Failure to do so in companies of 50 employees or more will be sanctioned: they will be expected to have provided their employees, over the last 6 years, with at least two out of the three following actions: vocational training, certification or qualification, career or salary evolution.

Non-compliant companies will be required to credit all concerned employees with additional training hours on their personal training account (CPF): 100 additional hours for full-time employees, 130 for part-time employees. In addition, they’ll have to pay an extra contribution to their scheme collecting vocational training funds.


If you consider professional interviews as just an additional constraint, you’ll lose your and your staff time.

Rather, companies should consider all the benefits they can get from this new tool, which can feed both their training plan and workforce planning, and facilitate internal mobility and employees’ career development.

This is also an opportunity for both first line managers and HR teams of working together towards company and employees’ growth.

You can also consider reducing time pressure by conducting the annual appraisal and professional interview in a row, if you make sure to draw a clear distinction between both interviews.

Preparing your communication to staff; drawing-up interview templates, guides and procedures; training your Managers to conducting professional and appraisal interviews: we have developed an HR pack including all the documentation and assistance that you may need to implement your first professional interviews. Contact us and get exactly what you need.