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What we do

Running out of time, or in need of expertise to deal with some of your HR challenges?
HR Switch assists you in dealing with your operational and strategic HR issues

Running out of time, or in need of expertise to deal with some of your HR challenges?

HR Switch assists you in dealing with your operational and strategic HR issues

HR Switch - Adding value

Supporting change, organization and growth

Acquisition of a French business (TUPE regulations)

HR advice; planning, monitoring and implementation of transfer on all HR and social aspects; internal communication; organisation of workplace elections; development and implementation of substitute collective agreements

HR audit (SME)

Audits are directed at:
  • Line organisation, roles, responsibilities and delegation 
  • Processes: activity and communication flows, relationships between stakeholders as well as work units 
  • Needs satisfaction (in terms of skills, information, resources)
Our approach:
  • We combine document and material review, interviews, observation and immersion 
  • We take into account stakeholders’ perceptions and alignment with the company’s strategy 
  • To foster adherence and prepare to change, we involve stakeholders in developing solutions 
  • We promote collective work and involve internal project managers in developing an action plan 
Setting up or reorganizing the HR function 

Our assistance includes:
  • Mapping the existing organisation, processes and activities 
  • Setting issue-based priorities  
  • Identify relevant saving levers such as outsourcing 
  • Define the target organisation and related processes and roles 
  • Define, plan and implement the new organisation 
  • According to needs: 
    • Select outsourcing providers and assist with implementation 
    • Select, train and induct your HR staff 
  • Support change (communication plan and actions) 
  • Define relevant performance indicators 

Selection and induction

We can support you very early in the process, or at a later stage, depending on your needs
  • Workforce planning: we use a pragmatic and operational approach of workforce planning
  • Job descriptions: drawn-up in collaboration with your first-line managers
  • Recruitment process: from needs analysis to selecting the right candidate
  • Induction of newcomers: designing and implementing an induction process, or assist you with the induction of a sole candidate

Train and develop

  • Career Development: succession planning, potential analysis, people review
  • Performance management: we can redesign and implement a new program or support you through your annual process
  • Skills management: we rely on professional interviews and workforce planning to identify skills needs and propose development plans 
  • Training: drawing-up a training policy, managing the annual training plan, rolling-out the professional interviews (“entretiens professionnels”) process (available as an HR Pack)
  • Compensation and benefits: launching a salary survey, reviewing a salary and classification grid, managing the annual salary review, implementing a saving plan 

Labour relations

Labour relations advice and guidance: operating rules of the staff representative bodies; organizing and managing the workplace elections; negotiation, information and consultation obligations and requirements; drawing-up the social agenda

Implementing the social and economic database ("BDES"): provider selection, guidance on the information to be included, consultation of the staff representatives, definition of relevant reports, gathering the social data …Available as an HR pack

Meetings with the staff representatives: agenda, briefings, minutes 

Collective agreements: negotiating strategy, development and drafting, implementation of new conditions  

Professional equality: diagnosis, gender equality report, action plan, collective agreement 

Health and safety: drawing-up and implementing the policy, risks and hazards identification (“Document unique”)

Legal and compliance

  • Drawing-up working contracts and other contractual clauses
  • HR compliance : audit, recommendations, implementation of corrective actions
  • Internal regulations and policies: drawing-up or reviewing the internal set of rules (“règlement intérieur”), the code of conduct, the code of ethics
  • Employment issues: work duration, discipline, remuneration, contract termination and risk management …
  • Professional interviews: training managers, launching and implementing the interviews process
  • Legal watch: we inform you of regulatory changes when they have an impact on your obligations as an employer
  • Foreign Embassies in France: we have developed a specific and unique knowledge of French legislation as it applies to foreign Embassies in France

Performance of Management and HR teams

  • Managers and HR teams: we provide bespoke assistance (training, briefing, individual assistance) tailored to suit your requirements and HR issues: conducting performance or professional interviews, recruiting or managing staff, …
  • Steering Committee (startup, SME): we provide assistance and guidance to help you turn your board of Directors into an effective steering committee

Global HR

  • International mobility: manage or provide advice on expatriations and secondments, build expatriates packages, assist with obtaining working visas
  • Policies and documentation: develop international mobility policies, formalize or translate global HR policies, procedures, templates & tools

Efficiency - HR tools and Packs

  • HR documentation and tools: development of handbooks, policies and internal procedures, templates and tools, dashboards, organisation charts
  • Contractual documentation and correspondence: drawing-up or reviewing working contracts, contractual clauses and other employment correspondence
  • HR outsourcing: identification of low value-added HR processes, select outsourcing providers and assist with implementation
  • HR Packs: they include all the documentation and assistance needed to implement an important HR project. Currently available: Implementing the first professional interviews (“entretiens professionnels”) / Implementing the social and economic database (« BDES »)

Internal communication

  • Internal Communication plan: develop and implement an internal communication plan or policy
  • Events: organize and / or implement internal communication events or actions
  • Communication tools: organize efficient meetings, draw-up message boards, notes, reports, procedures, operating modes, organization charts, carry-out a staff survey