A (not so) new obligation for French companies: implementation of the economic and social data base (“BDES”): how to select a fully compliant software?

Aside from purely technical features brought forward by companies who have developed a software specifically dedicated to the BDES, some key questions must but addressed by companies prior to selecting their provider:

  •  Is the proposed version fully compliant? Don’t take “yes” for an answer: most software companies have a restricted definition of « regulatory », which doesn’t cover all companies’ information obligations.
  • Is the solution pre-formatted? In such case you may have to enter and process your already available internal data twice
  • The proposed software is scalable: by whom? the client or the software company? at what extra price?
  • Under which conditions (format/ cost/ delays) will you be able to get you data back if you wish or need to? …

Selecting your BDES provider is the most important stage in achieving your project implementation with success: we can assist you from this early stage with a list of qualitative criteria which will help you making g the right choice. Contact us

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