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Support international business growth


Operational project management


  • Headquarters based in Switzerland and management board in the US
  • Global presence (France, Switzerland, Austria, USA & Canada)
  • Applicable CBA: Syntec


  • Headcount < 100
  • Business growth
  • Hot job market (Tech profiles)
  • No HR function


  • Attract and retain talents globally
  • Secure Group HR practices
  • Ongoing ISO 27001 certification


16 months – 40% Part-time


  • Compensation & Benefits diagnostic, internal survey and external benchmark by country
  • Development and implementation of a global HR policy and a global set of Compensation & Benefits, with specificities by country
  • Development of a global employee handbook, employee handbooks by country and a managers’ handbook
  • Development of HR guides by country
  • Development of HR contractual templates


  • Improvement of talent acquisition and retention (+ 50%), in particular in the hottest job markets
  • ISO 27001 certification
  • HR empowerment of the Group CFO, Managers, and local HR administrators