HR Performance

Job descriptions: improve your HR performance

Job descriptions should be a key component of people management processes, allowing companies to:

  • Develop forward-looking people management through jobs and skills mapping;

  • Target recruiting effectively and attract the best candidates ;

  • Support induction processes, increase motivation and performance through a clarification of roles, objectives and expectations;

  • Identify missing skills and build appropriate training and development paths ;

  • Build a fair classification and compensation system ;

  • Ensure compliance through identifying each position regulatory requirements ;

  • Improve their flexibility and sustain their growth with an ongoing development of roles and responsibilities …

Why loosing time in drawing-up job descriptions which will be outdated before being finalised?

Jobdesign has developed an automated solution for your job descriptions,  which will be permanently up-to-date and produce easily usable data. : a simple and configurable solution, sustaining people and performance development.